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Seventh in the row

When at 9.30 hours today the siren alarm went on, this was the sign that at the Shipyard Trogir the seventh work exercise in a row under the title „Not to be repeated " started. All participants from the Shipyard Trogir and the representatives of the port authority, police and the 112 centre, demonstrated the requested level of training and readiness.

Measures were undertaken based on a phone notification at the shipyard's entrance regarding a visible unknown object at the anchored boat near Novogradnja 324. After having received the notification, the Fire Department of the Shipyard Trogir rushed with its fire vehicle and the emergency vehicle to the scene. Upon arrival at the place of intervention, action zones were defined, the danger zone and the safety zone; the evacuation team leaders were aided in order to evacuate all the workers into the safety zone. Upon completed evacuation, the Management of the Shipyard Trogir was informed of the safe evacuation of the employees. A police vehicle of the Police Station Trogir came to the scene and the site was isolated. A vessel of the Port Authority arrived as well in coordination with PFSO of the Shipyard Trogir at VHF channel 13 and the access to ships was blocked from the sea to the safety zone. A police vessel arrived as well; it was boarded by the department for anti-explosion protection. The exercise was finished at the moment when the head of the department for anti-explosion protection confirmed that the object was not dangerous i.e. that it was deactivated. The goal of this exercise was to check the management system in emergencies, the communication system (radio, phone), the necessary reaction time and to get to know all the dangers that may occur once panic breaks out among workers.

All participants were extremely pleased with the performed exercise that went well without any injuries or material damage.

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