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Successfully executed work drill

For a sixth year in succession, the work drill named “May it never return again” was held at Shipyard Trogir. Everybody participating from the Shipyard Trogir and to the representatives of the harbour authorities, police and the call centre of 112, demonstrated the requested level of readiness and skill.

Exercises started with the sound of a siren and the measures undertaken after telephone report to the entrance booth of the shipyard that an explosive device has been installed at floating dock.  

After received information, the Fire Fighting Brigade of Shipyard Trogir was sent with a fire engine and ambulance vehicles to the place of accident.  

At the arrival to the place of intervention, the zones of action were defined; the zone of danger and the zone of safety, and the aid were rendered to the evacuation team heads so that all the employees could be evacuated to the zone of safety.

After completed evacuation, the Commanding Team of Shipyard Trogir Inc. was informed on safely carried out evacuation of the employees. Then, especial forces of the Ministry of the Interior started searching after and locating explosive devices and after executed necessary actions, the deactivation of the same was carried out, with which the exercise was finished.

«The exercise was carried out in an orderly manner, without injured persons or material damages», as it was put by Mr. Damir Kuzmanic, a head of the Department of the Safety at Work, after successfully carried out exercise he thanked everybody and mentioned once again that the development of the protection at work has been performed permanently, and the proof to that is also the introduction of a new Ordinance on Protection at Work, accompanied with technical instructions and rules.

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