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Passenger Ships

From its early days Brodotrogir has been active in the segment of passenger and ferry boats. Car Passenger Ferries built for Rederiaktiebolaget Gotland and Stena Aktiebolaget in 1970-ties – “Visby”, “Gotland”, “Stena-Jutlandica” and “Stena-Danica”- in 2004 were included in Danish and English issue of „Forlaget Nautilus“.

Recently an Expedition Cruise ship for 204 passengers strengthen by Finnish-Swedish Ice Class 1A has been designed. The vessel is 120 m long with 17.8 m breadth moulded, driven by two medium speed engines each of 2760 kW.

Also, some time ago a major conversion of a car passenger ferry into a floating book exhibition ship capable to carry 492 persons (crew and passengers), m/v „LOGOS HOPE”, has been performed. The vessel is owned by OM SHIPS INTERNATIONAL.

The most recenty a passenger sailing cruise ship for 44 passengers intended for prevailing cruising in Mediterranean and Caribbean areas and specifically oriented to call ports with draught limitation has been designed.
The vessel of 88 m length over all and 14.8 breadth is driven by two high speed, four stroke,  turbocharged, non-reversible diesel engines, each coupled via reduction gear box to a CP propeller.
A modern three masted schooner rig is provided. The fore and main top-down (fisherman's) type sails together with bermuda type mizzen sail are furled in the mast. Outer and inner jib are furled around their stays. Fore and main staysails are with booms and are also furled around stays.
The masts and booms to be made of carbon or aluminium alloy. Masts are "on-deck" type. All three masts are equipped with hydraulic powered furling systems. Trough mast to be laid halyards and sheets for sails, cables for power, communication and other devices.
Masts are equipped with antennas for the radar, navigation and communication devices; running lights and deck lights. Colour of the masts is white.


Main dimensions:
Length overall abt. 88.00 m
Length b. p. 72.00 m
Breadth, moulded 14.80 m
Depth, moulded to main deck 6.80 m
Design/scantling draught (above base 1ine) 3.50 m
Draught with keel in lowered position 6.50 m
Deadweight at design draught abt. 250 m. t.
MDO storage and service tanks abt. 167 m3
Fresh water abt 45 m3
Grey & black waters collecting tanks abt.70 m3
Speed & cruising range:
Trial speed, 1600 kW at 3.4 m draught 14,00 kn
Cruising range at 1450 kW and 20% sea margin
and 13.0kn service speed
Passengers 42 in 17 luxury cabins
Crew 30 in 18 cabins
Hull material shipbuilding steel
Deckhouse material marine grade aluminium
Main engines 2 x 900 kW at 1800rpm
Auxiliary engines 2 x 450 kW at 1500rpm
Main, auxiliary engines and propulsion systems spread into two fully separated
engine rooms for highest redundancy.
Emergency generator 82 kW at 1500rpm
Propulsion Gear boxes+2 x CPP
Bow thruster 1 x 300 kW
Three aluminium alloy masts , 7 sails, in- mast or stays furling, all winches remotely operated
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