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Sales department (shiprepair)
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The ship repairing yard Trogir is one of two large repair shipyards in Croatia. It includes two floating docks with lifting capacity of 8,500 tons and 800 tons, floating crane with lifting capacity of 70/30 tons and 350 m of operational quay fitted with adequate workshops and equipment.
Docks, wharf and great experience enable reconstruction and conversion of all types of ships, including LPG ships (liquefied petroleum gas carrier).


Particulars of floating dock DOK 15:

  • length over all 155 m
  • length over pontoon / keel 139,5 m
  • inside free breadth 23,4 m
  • max. draft of docked ship 8 m
  • dock's lifting capacity 8500 t

Particulars of floating dock DOK 4:

  • length over all 64 m
  • length over keel blocks 50 m
  • inside free breadth 13 m
  • max. draft of docked ship 3,3 m
  • dock's lifting capacity 800 t


  • underwater survey of a ship,
  • maintenance and repairs,
  • sand blasting,
  • cleaning and painting,
  • bilge keel and shell plating,
  • underwater valves and sea suctions,
  • zink anode,
  • propeller,
  • propeller shaft,
  • bearings,
  • rudder.


  • main engine,
  • auxiliary engines,
  • anchor, mooring and cargo handling equipment,
  • pumps,
  • pipings,
  • valves,
  • electrical equipment,
  • shell plating damage.

Floating dock is fitted with air, water and power supply system from the shore, including own diesel generator and steam boiler, having capacity of 3 t steam per hour.

Ship repairing yard Trogir is equipped with a transformer, compressed air system and several cranes, having lifting capacity from 5 to 100 t.

The workshops are equipped with ultrasonic and radiographic installations for testing of welded joints, in accordance with the relevant rules and requirements.

The welders are approved by LR/DNV/HRB/GL societies.

The ship repairing yard is authorized to perform all kinds of repairs of the ships in dock, what is carried out by qualified personnel i.e. experts and engineers.

In the same way, the ship repairing yard has reached the reputation of an institution qualified for professional performance of activities, within the contracted terms, in accordance with the requirements as provided by the international standards.

By following the shipbuilding tradition and adopting new technologies, the Shipyard Trogir has developed into a respectable partner, capable of constructing various types of ships and floating objects. Two slipways (200x47m and 160x20m) are capable of building ships up to 55 000 dwt and floating docks up to lifting capacity of 60 000 t. Production programme includes oil and chemical tankers, floating docks, passenger ships, ro-ro vessels, supply ships, tugs, rescue boats, etc.
Constantly open and ready to meet the requirements of the world market and of the domestic shipowners, we are closely cooperating with possible clients, considering their special requests in order to construct a modern and well performed ship.

As creators and builders of high quality floating objects intended for world market, we are continuously working on improving our production. We are very proud of our products, namely ships that are constantly at the world top of the shipbuilding industry and are leading in the terms of their technical features, worthiness and low costs while in exploitation.

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