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An International Seminar at the Split FESB Held

At the international seminar ''Lean management – from the concept to business excellency“, held under the high patronage of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Machinery and Shipbuilding in Split, presented was the most recent experience in the application of the Lean concept for the purpose of attaining longterm competitiveness of companies.

With its content the seminar followed the revitalisation process of industrial facilities, which is the key topic of the development policy of the Splitsko-dalmatinska county. In his introductory address to the participants of the seminar, Luka Brèiæ, viceprefect of the Splitsko-dalmatinska county emphasized that the county is always supporting this and similar initiatives. „This is one small part in the overall mosaik, a step toward looking ahead with optimism at the present and the future“, Mr. Brèiæ said. Speaking on behalf of the shipbuilding cluster of the Splitsko-dalmatinska county, Tino Antonini, a cluster manager, addressed the participants and emphasized: „Lean management is one of the instruments with which shipbuilding can be advanced“.

Within the presentation of the results of a series of business cases from Germany and Japan and especially of the application of Lean management in several Croatian companies, five-year experience and achievements of Lean management in Brodotrogir Inc. were also presented. Brodotrogir applied the Lean concept i.e. the concept of a lean and elegant production in cooperation with a prestigious German institution Fraunhofer, which has great experience in applying Lean, including the transition countries. The achieved results are encouraging and it can justly be said that Lean management indeed is a way to business excellence. The process is a long-lasting one and the decisive moment is the speed of replacing the outdated production philosophy with a new philosophy founded on a new school of management based on the integration of the process and business management.
The seminar gathered about 80 participants from large, medium-sized and small economic companies.

Please read on the seminar in more detail here . The presentation "Experience from applying the methodology 5S+1 at the Brodotrogir shipyard" can be found here .

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