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Visit of EU Representatives

Representatives to European Community (EC) together with representatives to Republic of Croatia Government, HVB consultants, consultant representatives to EC and to Agency for Protection of Market Competition as well as CES representative (association of shipyards), paid a visit to Shipyard Trogir on June 2 last.

After introductory speech held by Mr. Mateo Tramontana, President of the Management Board, the presentation of the programme of reconstruction, namely of integral development plan of Shipyard Trogir had been followed, in the premises of technical library.
The presentation comprises two parts, namely introductory one including information regarding background of the shipyard and activities on integral development plan and second one, which is more complex, including review of technological, spatial and organisational changes, introduced by re-engineering of production process, economic evaluation of necessary actions together with plan of activities during reconstruction and plan of changes' management.
Basic starting points related to sustainable development have been presented in the introductory note and subsequently specific significance and importance of Shipyard Trogir for city of Trogir and its surroundings have been proved. Furthermore, review of trends and conditions in world shipbuilding market has been exposed and market and business legitimacy of Shipyard Trogir production programme have been explained, with a review of present financial activities and resulting analysis that caused the status of "entrepreneur in difficulties".

Presentation was developed and held by the team actively participated by Ms Ljiljana Gjeldum, Ms Vedrana Vukman, Mr. Mario Rovan and Mr. Mario Geic as well as Mr. Tino Antonini from firm Micro Project Ltd., as consultant to Shipyard Trogir. As explained by Ms Simona Gatti, representative to DG ELARG, (delegation team leader), the objective of this visit had a technical character for introduction of EC representatives with condition in the shipyard and for having relevant discussions with the shipyard management staff.
Actually, the task of EC representatives is to get acquainted in details with existing industrial capacities of the Croatian shipbuilding and also to evaluate its possible future position within EU.
Their opinion will be a key solution in assessment level of meeting standards, required for opening negotiations in this field, especially since final decision on this subject will be brought by member states to EU and EU Council.    
Systematic, detailed and strict evaluation regarding meeting standards set by EC is to be expected, which should be assured in the quality and sustainability of business plans of any shipyard  being in problems, so that respective proposals of potential solution models regarding this matter may be competently and authentically represented before all EU members.

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