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Godspeed, Allegro!

On Saturday, at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mervi Karttunen, the godmother of the vessel (otherwise, the ex-employee of the group Laurin Maritime AB, currently a member of the Swedish National Olympic Committee) named the ship the Allegro and wished her Godspeed. The name of the vessel, the Allegro, as in the previously delivered ships, represents a musical term. In this case, the Allegro means joyous (cheerful), or a lively musical tempo.

Mateo Tramontana, the director of the Shipyard Trogir, greeted all present and in his speech he remembered the beginning of the cooperation and development of business relations with the company Laurin Maritime, which started in 1999. “I am confident that this ship is not going to be our last ship for Laurin Maritime and that we shall together overcome the gloomy market situation and find a way how to continue our cooperation.

This is a ship intended for the transport of chemicals and oil products, with 46,184 tdw, 182.90 m LoA and a beam of 32.20 m. Her 8200 kW prime mover, manufactured at the shipyard Brodosplit, enables her to achieve the speed of 15 knots.

Besides the orderer and his guests, the celebration was attended by the mayor of the City of Trogir Damir Rilje and the deputy mayor Vedrana Zelalija, as well as by the representatives of the Management Board, the Supervisory Committee, the Shipyard Trogir workers and numerous citizens of Trogir.
The vessel has been built for the orderer SITEAM PIONEER SHIPPING CO PTE LTD, Singapore , and the launch of the Allegro is the eleventh launch in the Shipyard Trogir for the company Laurin Maritime, or the Laurin family, after the successful and awarded the Tarantella, the Tintomara, the Tapatio, the Toccata, the Tosca, the Tambourin, the Cavatina, the Calypso, the Corrido and the Amorina.

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