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Three strides for Brodotrogir

„Three strides, three news for Brodotrogir. The first time constructing the icebreaker. The first time  welding very heavy plates of high strenght.  First time launching the  ship by bow. Great technological stride is made with this Arctic tanker beacuse the materials used here were not used in Croatian shipbuilding or not to a such degree“, said Danko Končar, the owner of Brodotrogir, just before the launching, a great event for the shipyard itself and also for the town of Trogir.
Everything started in July 2016 with contract between Artech Helsinki Shipyard (part of United Shipbuilding Corporation) and Hrvatska brodogradnja Trogir, on construction of the front part of the ship for transport of condensate, the icebreaker of ARC 7 ice class, the capacity of 44,000 MT. The front part of this Arctic tanker is 167 m long while after connecting of the complete ship in Finland its lenght will be abt.230 meters.
The construction of this ship was very challenging, evidenced by the fact that this is the first  ship of this purpose in the world. Complexity refers to technical characteristics that we were required to meet in accordance with the requirements of the ice class ARC 7 what understands the transporting of the cargo and sailing under the most difficult polar conditions. Difference in construction in comparison to other types of ships is seen in using and fitting of the thicker and  heavier material, especially in the front part of the hull which beacuse of the thick ice and low temperatures needs to be constructed in accordance with the special conditions and with application of special technologies. This tanker is being constructed under double class of European Bureau Veritas and Russian Register of Shipping.
No special escort of the icebreaker will be needed for this tanker as it shall be able to sail in conditions of up to 2,5 m thick ice. It shall sail 365 days a year, what requires the installation of special system of winterization. These are special systems and equipment that allows ship to function in the conditions when temperature drop up to -50 °C.
For the workers of Trogir shipyard, this project presents great challenge in construction solutions, material choice, technology of welding and also in performance of welded connections.

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