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Workers' Meeting Held in Brodotrogir

A workers' meeting was held in Brodotrogir d.d., at which the owner and management board member Mr Danko Končar and management board member Mateo Tramontana informed the workers about the company's business results, i.e. its financial status and state of affairs.
The order book was presented, along with an overview and comparison of the average net salary in the Republic of Croatia and Brodotrogir, for the 2009-2017 period. The details of the meeting are available HERE.
Mateo Tramontana informed the workers that, in the last year, Brodotrogir achieved positive business results, with a positive consolidated financial result in the amount of approximately a million euro. The restructuring programme started five years ago was very demanding and ambitious. In spite of all the problems we encountered during the programme's realisation, a larger part of the planned activities and investments was realised. With regard to the planned total own contribution of 185 million euro, only approximately 100 million kuna still have to be deployed.
It was pointed out that the Kermas group was in the process of becoming a major shareholder in the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, with a majority interest of 55% to be obtained by the acquisition of shares from the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC). If the mentioned acquisition is realised, multiple synergic effects between the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard and the Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation Trogir are expected.
Furthermore, it was mentioned that Kermas energija d.o.o. sent a letter of intent to the Uljanik group, expressing its interest in being the strategic partner in the restructuring of the latter's shipyard.
The workers and the owner Danko Končar reconciled their positions and concluded that efficiency in Brodotrogir must increase, all in order to achieve lower manufacturing costs and higher profit.  
With regard to last month's reduction of their incentive payments, the workers were interested in the further course of events concerning the payment of their salaries. The salaries for January will be paid out on time and the Christmas bonuses should also be paid out by the end of the month.
In a very constructive dialogue, the workers, the trade unions and the management board members reconciled their views and defined further guidelines concerning the organisational part of the business activities, whose implementation should result in better financial results, to the mutual satisfaction of the employer and the workers.

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