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Good Fairies Evening for sea lovers

Sea lovers did not miss an opportunity to chat about the blessings the sea has to offer to the people living near it, and all in organisation by a social and humanitarian NGO Dobra vila (eng. Good Fairy) from Trogir.
Namely, just before the St. Nicholas Day, the members of Dobra vila organised a public discussion in the Blue Lounge of the Medena hotel entitled "Maritime medicine and maritime safety" to familiarise the visitors with the lifestyle of people living at and sailing on the sea.
The lecturers, dr. Mladen Pavić and Mihovil Dekaris, MSc. Eng., presented their individual views of the sea, its benefits and disadvantages, noting that the sea calls for respect and security measures during navigation because the risks of irresponsible conduct can be life threatening, as referenced by the Brodotrogir's naval architect, Mr. Mihovil Dekaris, who said:
"In not so ancient times, sea traffic was much weaker, but today it escalated and is at its height in every sense, from pleasure cruises to business trips. Given the circumstances, we have to change our ways and take into account the safety at sea, primarily as citizens of our city, and to influence the rules, habits and customs in order to make our lives at an on the sea as easy and as safe as possible".
Dr. Mladen Pavić agreed with Mr. Dekaris and recounted his own experiences gathered during navigation on large cruise ships around the world.
"To be a doctor on a cruise ship presumes observation and implementation of all security measures on board the ship, and provision of health care to passengers 24 hours a day. When passengers board a ship, they expect good time, entertainment and distance from everyday problems, but unfortunately, occasionally incidents and diseases, such as fractures, falls, attacks etc. do not choose a place or a time. However, our team is well trained and I can freely say that our guests are in safe hands. I have to say that upon Brodotrogir’s invitation, I participated as a doctor in the trial run of the Hull 326. I wish to point out that it was a beautiful experience, and from the medical aspect, it was excellently organised".
The president of the NGO and the moderator of the event, Ms. Žanett Bonomi Puović, thanked the lecturers, members of the culture and art society "Andrija Matijaš Pauk" from the Marina, and the majorettes from Seget Donji, as well as Mr. Marko Bakica, for their participation, the Medena hotel for its hospitality and reception, as well as the visitors for the excellent turnout.

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