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They are determined, hardworking and fearless

After the Brodotrogir crane operators Ines, Leona, Božena and Željka introduced themselves to the journalist Tina Jokić in an April issue of the daily newspaper 24 sata, and thus reached the readers throughout our homeland, the story got a very interesting and lovely follow-up.

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As it happens, as a sign of her support and genuine female solidarity, Elizabeth Suzana Kozina sent to these four women with specific and uncommon job descriptions her book titled “Zato me niste razumjeli - Minute (ženske) mudrosti” (which literally translates as: “This is why you didn't understand me - Minutes of (female) wisdom”). Ms. Elizabeth Suzana Kozina is a businesswoman from Klis, who designed and branded a product of permanent value - the BiArtis luxury women's handbag with incorporated original oil on canvas, and apart from spending her time designing female bags, she also spills the excess of her creativity and her life's inspiration on paper, which is how a pile of words have given rise to this positive book, full of certain wisdom only known to women, which she, apparently, identifies with bold, fearless women, including also these four women with unusual jobs, who have, for years, spent their working days at the height of 30 m, operating powerful cranes and transferring loads of up to and over 25 tonnes.

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Determination, hard work and fearlessness is the motto that our crane operators live by, since, as they themselves say, it was not easy for them in the beginning of their working lives to step into a completely new world they didn't naturally belong to and to create satisfying working conditions for themselves, but they were brave and firm, and managed to satisfy their personal and professional expectations, as well as the expectations of their superiors, who only have words of praise for their work and their professional attitude, and to spread their positive energy not just to those they see every day, but also to those that read about them in the daily press.

They modestly characterise themselves as "Nothing special, we just do our work as best as we can", and, happy as they are about Ms. Kozina's lovely gesture, they continue: "Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in our work. We want to thank Ms. Kozina for her appreciation and the books she sent us as a gift. It is nice to see a woman is another woman's support and friend, whether they knew each other personally or not. We would like to invite her to visit us, and maybe here she would find an inspiration for her new book or get an idea for some kind of brand-new fashion expression".

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The female intuition cannot be suppressed; it does not require women to be physically near each other, a “click” is sufficient for the good vibrations to start flowing, just as they have been started by Elizabeth Suzana Kozina. Carried away by the simplicity and cheerfulness of our crane operators, she gave them a part of herself and her thoughts and extended her support by this wonderful gesture in a special and characteristic way, and such unselfish support can only be given by a bold and strong woman, who knows how many obstacles there are on the path to success, how long it takes for them to be overcome and to be able to step freely along that path. It is that female power which knows no weakness, exception or surrender, and, when recognised, it simply has to rise to the surface and be put into words.

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