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Fair winds and following seas to Songa Pride!

The Newbuilding 326 (Songa Pride) was delivered today at Brodotrogir d.d.; together with its "twin brother" Songa Fortune, it goes into a five-year lease to the Norwegian company Blystad Group.
Together with the hosts and colleagues, the delivery ceremony was also attended by the mayor of the City of Trogir, Ante Stipčić, and his deputies Radovan Slade Šilović and Filip Anđelić.
In its address, the Brodotrogir d.d. Management Board member Mateo Tramontana made a point that this was another consecutive success of the shipyard employees. The Royal Institution of Naval Architects from London declared Songa Fortune to be among the “Significant Ships of 2015” within its class (due to its qualities: the project, innovative solutions, quality of design and its maritime abilities and usefulness).
“I hope that this ship will also achieve such success as its twin brother, Songa Fortune, which has been leased for a year already”, Tramontana said.
Therefore, all employees of the Trogir shipyard have the reason to be satisfied at the end of this year, which has, despite the challenges, given rise to large and valuable projects, which have been globally recognised and acknowledged. Pride, the achieved business success, but also the personal satisfaction, encourages them to continue boldly facing new upcoming challenges, of whose realisation they expect even better results in the next year.
Both ships are specialised for the transport of chemical and oil products, their deadweight capacity is 49,500 metric tons, length 184 meters and width 32,20 meters. They are driven by a MAN B & W electronic low-speed engine with the power of 8,000 kW, which reaches the speed of 14.5 knots. The installation of this type of engine, in combination with the special propulsion design and new hull form, enables maximum fuel consumption savings.
The ship has been designed as an IMO 2 ship with 18 cargo tanks, each with the capacity less than 3,000 m3, plus 2 slop tanks, with 18+2 segregations, and, as such, complies with all international environmental protection rules and conventions.
According to the order book, apart from the mentioned Newbuilding 326, which was delivered today, by the outfitting of two tankers (for the company VITERLEF MANAGEMENT LTD), which are similar to Brodotrogir's chemical tankers in their main features, and of one arctic tanker-icebreaker, the capacities of the shipyard have been filled completely, including the possibilities of additional employment, as well as the provision of jobs for other firms in Croatia engaged in the shipbuilding industry.

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