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The 22nd symposium SORTA 2016 has ended

The 22nd symposium SORTA 2016 on the Theory and Practice of Shipbuilding, which was held at the Medena Hotel from 6 to 8 October 2016, organised by Brodotrogir and co-organised by the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, has successfully ended.
It was a place of gathering for eminent shipbuilding experts and scientists from the country and the world who, during the symposium, presented the most recent developments in shipbuilding and shipping, concerning the design, the building of ships and vessels or maritime structures, the influence of shipbuilding on the entire economy, and similar topics.  This opportunity was also used by experts to exchange views, knowledge and experience related to the shipbuilding profession, hoping that they could result in new, innovative ideas, whose realisation would enable new added value in shipbuilding to be created, and thus also the new competitive advantage on the market to be acquired.
After 57 presentations and constructive discussions by about 200 participants, impressions were summed up, and certain conclusions were brought and presented by the working presidency members of the Sorta 2016 Organising Committee, Joško Parunov, President of the SORTA Standing Committee, Nenad Končar - President of the Brodotrogir Management Board and President of the SORTA 2016 Organising Committee, Dragan Sorić - Vicepresident of the SORTA 2016 Organising Committee, Anamarija Škovrlj - Administrative Assistant, Nastia Degiuli - President of the SORTA 2016 Editorial Board.
Numerous presentations, classified according to topic, were held simultaneously for two days in three hotel lounges, and had excellent attendance.  The participants discussed, asking the presenters for additional explanations, debated lively and complemented each other's opinions. In addition to presenting the excellent experts and specialists of the branch, the symposium was also an opportunity for the younger shipbuilding generation to introduce themselves to the wider professional audience. In particular, shipbuilding students, with the help of their mentors, wrote and presented their own scientific papers, and thus additionally enriched this shipbuilding gathering.
Very much commented, and for many a little intriguing industrial design of the Symposium was designed by the Trogir academic sculptor Vilim Halbarth, who, with the wholehearted support of several shipyard workers, transformed the hotel exterior and interior to create the ambiance of the shipbuilding work zone. In particular, the visual appearance of the hotel entrance reminded of the ship's bowels, due to its long, black hanging vent pipes, and the large info-stand set up in the central part of the entrance hall appeared as a ship captured by numerous promontories and long pipes.    
Apart from the professional educational content, the participants also had the chance to enjoy cultural and tourism events. The City of Trogir organised a cultural programme for the participants at the Trogir museum gallery Cata Dujšin Ribar, including the screening of the documentary film "Klapa o' moga Trogira", directed by Ivana Orešić and Toni Košćina, in which they faithfully represent the part of the Trogir cultural heritage, which concerns the origins, development and survival of the Trogir klapa song, which the participants could listen to in a live performance by Klapa Čiovo. In the name of the City of Trogir, the guests were greeted with a few appropriate words by the City of Trogir Deputy Mayor Mr. Slade-Šilović. On the final day of the symposium, the participants visited the Vranjača cave, which is situated in the Kotlenice village, near Dugopolje, as well as the nearby Dodoja ecological farm.
At the closing meeting, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding from Split has been declared the host of the 23rd symposium Sorta 2018.

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