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Story of the four young men - from Ogulin via Karlovac to Trogir!

In the past several days, we wrote about the demand for workers due to the full order book. On the website of the Croatian Employment Service, a job competition has been opened for the employment of workers in shortage production occupations such as shipfitters, marine electricians, marine metal workers, marine pipefitters, welders and grinders.
Work experience is desirable, but if the potential candidates have none, they will be provided the opportunity to be trained within the "Brodotrogir" Adult Education Institution.
The goal of this project is to train, within one to three months, depending on the individual's prior knowledge, as many new workers as possible to prepare them to respond, over the long term, to challenges put before them by the market demand. So far, 100 persons have been trained for that purpose at Brodotrogir d.d. and at Adriadiesel d.d. in Karlovac.
One of the positive examples is the story of four young men between 18 and 20 years of age, who came to work at Brodotrogir d.d. from their hometown of Ogulin, via Karlovac, where they were trained as fitters. Josip, Matija, Marko and Dominik completed their secondary school and were trained as machine fitters in their hometown of Ogulin. As soon as they heard at their school that there is a possibility of training in Adriadiesel, they signed up, and after only three weeks they mastered the basics of the fitter's skills, and upon the arrival to the real shipbuilding world, with a mentor supervising their progress, they were given the opportunity to work in their profession and very soon to become aware of their job and their professional abilities.  
The boys are more than satisfied with their workplaces, as confirmed by the words of the eighteen-year-old Dominic: "I would recommend everyone who wants to grow up and become independent on time to do the same as I did. I got the opportunity to find a job and start earning my daily bread immediately after the secondary school. I no longer have to ask my mum for money when I'm going out or when I want to buy a piece of clothing, and for me it is a priceless feeling not to be a burden to her. Working in my field fully satisfies my expectations, but I will need some time to become accustomed to living in Dalmatia".
The four young men came to a shipyard for the first time. They were quite surprised at the sight of the giant that appeared before them when they came to work the first day.
 "A magnificent scene opened before me, an enormous ship, such that I never had a chance to see before, and now I get to work on it. The first time I had to climb the ladder to get up there I was a little scared, but all the fear disappeared as soon as I climbed the second time. We are still not entirely confident in our skills, but with our senior colleagues to supervise and teach us, I hope we will quickly overcome our personal fears and fully devote ourselves to our work" - the eighteen-year-old Josip told us.

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