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Ships with Rare Propulsion System Docked for Repair

Currently, three vessels are docked in the large dock for repair: two tugboats, Iliria and Adriatik, and the ferry Žigljen. The ferry Žigljen is in need of repair works on the propulsion system, which will, due to its specific features, be carried out by the licensed repair service provider, as arranged by the ship-owner.
The tugboats Iliria and Adriatik are owned by the maritime company Anijet e Sherbimit Detar from Durrës in Albania, and have sailed into dock for their regular annual maintenance, i.e. underwater hull protection and zinc anode replacement. In addition to this, Iliria will have the thickness of its plate sections measured, its nozzles dismantled and examined, its propeller shaft extracted, and works carried out on the simplex shaft seal and nave.
An interesting detail is that the ferry Žigljen and the tugboat Adriatik have a very rare propulsion system that allows propulsion against resistance, and consists of the ship hull girder, propeller and power engine.
Instead of a conventional rudder, the ferry Žigljen has two Voith-Schneider propellers. The propeller has the form of a circular plate with vertically placed blades that rotate around their own axis synchronously with the circular plate. With the relative turning of the blades in relation to the plate, the direction of the propulsion changes in any direction, which is why the ferry has no rudder. The direction of the propulsion as well as the movement of the vessel can change almost instantaneously, which makes it the most effective propulsion system with regard to manoeuvring, exceptionally suitable for ferries and tugboats that do not operate in shallow waters.
The Adriatik tugboat has two Z-drive propellers in a Kort nozzle that can be turned around its vertical axis and thus quickly change the propulsion direction, as well as the direction of navigation, which is why it does not have a conventional rudder. The Z-drive is located closer to the bow, which is why the tugboat has a deeper draught compared to tugboats with conventional screw propulsion and a rudder.

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