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Momentum Scan in Comprehensive Overhaul

One can see at first sight that the repair section of the Trogir shipyard is very lively. The outfitting quay and docks are occupied by ships of different sizes and purposes. On some ships the repair works are almost over and they will leave the shipyard, while on others the overhaul has just begun.
The largest ship currently in overhaul is the general cargo ship Momentum Scan, 116 m long and 18 m wide, with a draught of 7.8 m. It is currently berthed along the outfitting quay from where it will be transferred to a dock, where a more comprehensive overhaul will be carried out. This includes a complete cleaning and painting of the underwater and above-water parts of the full and a replacement of the zinc anode. In addition to this, works on the anchor chains and sea-water valves will be carried out, and after an inspection of the lids of the hatches will be opened and serviced, and electrical works, works on the access stairs, cargo holds, auxiliary engine fuel filters, an expansion of the engine room cranes and pumps and pipelines in the tanks carried out.
The ship Momentum Scan was built in 2010 and it sails under the Dutch flag.
The ferry Moli sailed into the small dock and it will have corrosion protection works carried out on the underwater part of its hull and works on its bow line shaft and rudder.
The ferry Moli is owned by the company Linijska nacionalna plovidba d.d. from Split. It is 48 m long and 10.60 m wide. It sails at a speed of 11 knots and can transport up to 200 passengers and 40 vehicles.
The repair works on the motor vessels Astra and Žigljen are coming to an end and they will soon leave the shipyard. The motor vessel Adria has once again after a successful tourist season sailed into our shipyard where it will be inspected and where necessary repair works will be carried out.

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