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Farewell, Songa Fortune !

The delivery and acceptance of Hull 325, the first of two chemical tankers which have been built for the Trogir Maritime maritime company owned by Brodotrogir d.d., has taken place at Brodotrogir d.d. After the delivery and acceptance, the ship will be leased to the Norwegian company Blystad Group for five years. The delivery and acceptance documents were signed by the captain of Songa Fortune, Ivan Kolanović, on behalf of the lessee (Songa Product and Chemical Tanker III AS, Oslo, Norway), and by Mateo Tramontana, member of the Management Board of Brodotrogir d.d., on behalf of Kairos Shipping I (the daughter company of Trogir Maritime).
The Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak also attended the ceremony, emphasizing the following in his speech:
"Two-and-a-half years ago, when we started the process of restructuring and privatisation of the Croatian shipyards, I was afraid that we would not succeed. However, now I can say with certainty that Croatian shipbuilding has not only survived, but is turning into a competitive global shipbuilding industry with a private owner, whereas the state needs to fulfil all of its obligations during restructuring."
He thanked the owners, the management and, especially, the workers and wished them great success.
Hull 325 was built according to a new optimized project of an already globally recognised quality, which won numerous international awards. The ship is designed for the transport of chemical and oil products, with the aim of realising the maximum flexibility of load operations in this specific field, along with the optimal relation between dead weight capacity, cargo hold capacity and speed, which is the essential component of a successful project.
Apart from this ship, another one is being built on the slipway, under the working title "Hull 326", due to be completed next year.
The hulls are specialised for the transport of chemical and oil products and have a load-carrying capacity of 49.500 metric tons, a length of 184 meters and a width of 32.20 meters. They are powered by an electronic, low-speed engine MAN B&W, with 8000 kW power, able to reach a speed of 14.5 knots. The installation of this type of engine, in combination with special propulsion design and a new hull shape, enables maximum savings in fuel consumption.
The ship has been designed as an IMO 2 ship with 18 cargo tanks with less than 3000 m3 capacity each, plus 2 slop tanks with 18+2 segregation.
The project also adheres to all the international rules and conventions on environmental protection.

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