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Frequent Student Visits

Escorted by their professors, a group of students from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th form of the marine-engineering programme of the Technical School in Šibenik visited Brodotrogir d.d. The reason for their arrival was to supplement their theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge, which, as their professors already know from experience, is best done by visiting the place where ships are built. For this reason, their professor Miro Torić, M.Sc. Engineer, regularly organises their visit to our shipyard.
Namely, the professions for which the students are being educated, i.e. marine-engineering technician and computer-aided mechanical engineering technician, require a good knowledge of the ship and all its parts. Therefore, the students listened to their host with great interest, while he tried to describe to them the shipbuilding process in detail. The students were unanimous in thinking that visits like this one should be more frequent, as this would enable them to get a clearer picture of their future professions.
In addition to the preparatory halls, where sheet metal is cut for the production of sections, and the slipways, where the sections are connected to the ship’s construction like Lego cubes, the students also visited the repair area, where ships constantly pass between two docks, so that maintenance or repair of the defects on their hulls and engines can be carried out.
The students left the shipyard pleased with what they had seen and the professors expressed their wish to visit our shipyard again next year.

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