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New work for Brodotrogir!

A contract with a company from the British Virgin Islands has been concluded for completing the construction of a tanker of 45,000 metric tons for the transport of chemical and oil products.
The estimated value of the job is around USD 20 million, and the deadline to carry out the job is 12 months.
The main features of the ship are similar to the chemical tankers of Brodotrogir. It was designed to transport IMO II products in 20 tanks, it is 183 meters long and 32.2 meters wide, and has the same cargo system (equipped with hydraulic pumps).
The hull was constructed in a shipyard in the north of the Russian Federation, in the district of Arhangelsk, for a Norwegian buyer, one of the largest owners of chemical tankers in the world, according to the same project of the buyer as for other ships in his fleet. The hull of the ship was constructed pursuant to all regulations of international legislative bodies and the classification society that supervised the construction of the ship. The current owner bought the ship from the shipyard in its current state. The ship is partially outfitted, so the main engine, auxiliary engines and some other equipment is already built in the ship, but the ship will be fully outfitted and made seaworthy in the Trogir shipyard.
Outfitting and constructing Novogradnja 325 and Novogradnja 326 for its own maritime company, finalising the construction of an accommodation platform for a French company, and fitting this ship out has completely filled up the outfitting capacities of the shipyard. The options are to hire additional workers and outsource work to other shipbuilding companies in Croatia.
The ship already entered the shipyard and inspections and preparations for the start of work are being carried out with the owner. The core activity of the owner company is aimed at the production and export of fuel for the maritime industry.

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