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Operational exercise carried out successfully in Brodotrogir d.d.

The shipyard alarm was sounded at precisely 9:30. It was the introduction for the "Never again" operational exercise that was held in Brodotrogir on newbuilding 325 for the ninth year in a row.
The following were involved in the exercise: members of the various services tasked with carrying out regular and extraordinary safety measures pursuant to the Act on Maritime Ship and Port Security, employees of Brodotrogir d.d., County centre 112 Split SDPR, harbourmaster's office Split, harbourmaster's branch office Trogir, Volunteer Fire Brigade Trogir, maritime and airport police, police officers of the Split-Dalmatia county police administration - police station Trogir, as well as other member tasked with carrying out safety measures.
The Operational headquarters coordinated the exercise, and after the activities were completed, the exercise was rated as very successful. Damir Kuzmanić, a member of the Operational headquarters and the manager of the Department for work safety in Brodotrogir d.d. said: "I am very happy with the outcome of the exercise. It is evident that all participants of the exercise were well organised. Evacuating people from newbuilding 325 was carried out in the optimal time limit and most importantly, nobody was injured during the exercise."
The exercise was carried out in order to apply the activities determined in the Port facility security plan. These activities include checking the general level of preparedness of all the participants, identifying the time required for the participants to react in emergency situations and the functioning of the overall communication system.
The exercise started with a simulation of an explosion under newbuilding 325, after which a fire broke out on the shipway and sleighs. The security guards assumed that it was an act of sabotage and via phone informed the port facility security officer (PFSO) and the manager of the department for work safety. The communication spread, first the County centre 112 Split was informed, then MRCC Rijeka (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre), the Operational communication system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and harbourmaster's office Split. All of the services acted based on their authority until the exercise was completely concluded.
All participants in the exercise were exceptionally satisfied with the performed exercise that was held without any injuries or material damage

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