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The Trogir story

That the Trogir culture and shipbuilding have been in synergy for centuries is demonstrated by the exhibition SHIPYARD TROGIR- from handicraft manufacture to industrial production, which opened just before the Day of the City of Trogir on 13th November in the Cate Dujšin Ribar gallery. The exhibition was created and realised by the representatives of Brodotrogir d.d. and the city of Trogir museum by mixing shipbuilding and cultural elements.
The exhibition was an incentive for the gathering of numerous shipyard workers, city government representatives, cultural employees and the general population. On the very entrance to the city museum the visitors were already surprised. Long, rubber vent pipes that cascaded from top to bottom were set on the door. It was an installation of a young Trogir artist Vilim Halbarth who illustrated the mood and poetics of the shipyards and the ship interior.
The shipyard welders have also contributed to the experience by presenting their knowledge and skills, welding pieces of sheet metal which are their source of livelihood. Numerous tools, design plans, paintings are displayed in the gallery, and show the beginnings of shipbuilding and its development over the centuries. The exhibition displays were whole-heartedly handed over by Trogir families whose members were the originators of shipbuilding in Trogir. What will the shipyard workers do and how Brodotrogir d.d. will develop in the future was presented via a video projector. The author of the exhibition is Ms. Danka Radić, higher curator of the City of Trogir museum. According to the latest information, the exhibition should be relocated to the premises of the National Archives in Rijeka for several days.

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