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International Symposium MATEST 2011

The International Symposium MATEST 2011 was held in the organization by the Croatian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (HDKBR), under the sponsorship of the European Federation of Non-Destructive Testing.

The three-day symposium (2nd – 5th November 2011) was held at the Grand Hotel Lav in Podstrana, and it was accompanied by a relevant exhibition of the latest devices, equipment and program support for non-destructive testing by the leading world manufacturers. The symposium included over a hundred participants from more than ten countries, as well as the members of EFNDT board.

HIgh-quality presentations presented during the conference showed how many new methods and technological innovations in the equipment for non-destructive control have surpassed research and development stage, and are now successfully implemented in testing, diagnostics and surveillance in maintaining control without destruction. With a general application of the digitalization of radiographic or ultra-sonic figures, there are no more obstacles for the application of Computer Aided Testing (CAT) and Total Quality Management (TQM) concept with included Statistical Process Control (SPC) in 6 sigma business strategy. The chair of the Croatian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (HDKBR) said that the contemporary non-destructive control is the key for safety and sustainable development in the world.

In the framework of the MATEST 2011 symposium, the representatives of the Shipyard Trogir d.d. participated in the constitution of the EFNDT Marine NDT Forum for the area of Croatia. Within the work of the constituted Forum, the authors Tomislav Andric, engineer, the HDT chair and Mario Rovan, MSc, the head of the project of the Shipyard Trogir Develoment Department, presented the work “NDT in Ship Repairing and Ship Building in the Shipyard Trogir”. The work shows the area of the present NDT application in the Shipyard Trogir d.d. in the area of planning and surveying of works in ship repairing and shipbuilding, and the future direction of NDT development in accordance with the incoming planned implementation of the restructuring program based on the wide application of the Lean principle.

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