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14th Session of the Trogir City Council

At its 14th session, held on 16th September this year, Trogir City Council has unanimously accepted the motion for the Decision to immediately file to the County Prefect Ante Sanader a request for initiating the procedure of amending the Splitsko-Dalmatinska County spatial plan regarding the area of the Shipyard Trogir, as a necessary precondition for implementing its restructuring program.

The decision was preceded by the presentation of this program, which was held by Mario Geic on behalf of the shipyard, while Mateo Tramontana, the president of the Shipyard Trogir Board, answered the questions by the councillors.                                 

Prevent Delays

Mr. Geic  reminded that there are about 1240 workers employed in the Shipyard Trogir, that retaining shipbuilding operations was important for its survival and that the shipyard was a very important economic entity for the wider region, considering the fact that it operated with 624 local companies, 247 of which were within the same county.
He  informed the councillors that the privatization process was coming to its end, and that the approval of the program on the part of the Croatian Competition Agency was underway. However, he emphasized that the potential problem, which might occur and delay the entire process, was precisely the unresolved urbanistic situation. He explained that changes have to be made for the planned nautical tourism port and service base for yachts on the northern shore Cubrijan, for which the Government had already approved the concession on the maritime domain.  
In order to realize the planned project, it is necessary to change the existing signs small LN (nautical tourism port – county level) and small LO (special purpose port – service base – county level) into the following signs: capital LN (nautical tourism port – state level) and capital LO (special purpose port – service base – state level), considering the fact that the Shipyard Trogir is an important company for the Republic of Croatia, said Mr Geic.

Unique Offer in this Part of the Mediterranean

He added that the present plan provides for the construction of port open to public transportation in the southeastern part of Cubrijan in Saldunska cove, which should be eliminated from the plan, because the space in question does not meet the requirements for such content. The physical plan of the county should instead allow the construction of a nautical tourism port of state significance, i.e. of a megayacht repair base and marina, Geic said.
Such an investment, which must be realized within the restructuring period, will in the end represent a significant breakthrough in servicing mega-yachts and fulfilling the tourist offer, not only in Splitsko-Dalmatinska County, but also in this part of the Mediterranean.

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