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Milovan Domijan, brodogradnje

(1926. – 2011.)

Modest, brave, innovative. A walking encyclopedia. He always had an answer to every question.
This is how those who knew him describe him.
A man that left such a mark in our dockyard, as well as in the world of sailboats, left us on 21st January 2011. Milovan Domijan was born on 13th September 1926 in Selce (Dramalj near Crikvenica).

After World War II he studied at the Faculty of Aeronautical Technology in Moscow, but due to the circumstances between the then Russia and Yugoslavia he was forced to terminate the studies and return home where he started to study shipbuilding in Zagreb. Upon finishing the studies he got employed in the Kraljevica shipyard. In 1957 the Trogir dockyard was looking for experts across the state and found one in Kraljevica. Upon an interview on 1st May 1957, Mr. Domijan arrived at Trogir.
This was a time when engineers could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Mr. Domijan started working as the head of the facility in the Technical department, later to become a designer engineer and the manager in the Technical department. For two terms he was the manager of Newbuilding and for two terms he was the general manager of the Shipyard. From 1984-1990 he was an assistant to the general manager. For 24 years he managed the shipyard directly or indirectly.  He spent 33 full years in our dockyard. The beginning of building steel ships for the commercial world market can be tied to his name.
At the time, he was a leading engineer or one of the leading ones at all facilities. He was heading all launchings, he designed all launchings, he was heading the design and everything to do with designing. He was a supervisor, a mentor and a teacher. He was full of energy, ideas and experience. At the time he was a technical alpha and omega of the dockyard. In the technical sense he was a model for all and he was always a step ahead of others.
Beside technical knowledge, he was a man of an open world outlook. He was also very knowledgeable in economics and finances.
At the time the shipyard largely depended on business with Russia and he was fluent in Russian. No one in the country and even wider was constructing floating docks at the time.  Domijan graduated with the topic «A Floating Dock of Carrying Capacity 6,000 t» so he started the initiative that the docks be made in Trogir. At the end of the 1960s the dockyard bought from Split a project of a bulk carrier and also signed a contract with the Turks to construct 6 ships.
The contract had a gold clause (the value of the ship was tied to the value of the money i.e. value of the gold). When the ships were constructed, the price of gold increased considerably and thus the price of the ships as well so that the time was the „golden age of the dockyard“.
The biggest technological lunge in the shipyard happened in the mid-1970s when the construction of several ferry boats was contracted. At the time such ships were not constructed anywhere and they were the most modern. These ships taught the people in the Trogir dockyard the most but also demanded the most of them. The price for the effort and the technological lunge was a great one. This was perhaps the worst result at the time, the biggest financial disaster. Mr. Domijan became the general manager after those huge problems.
After that the dockyard came to life again. It was due to a combination of Russian docks and Swedish tankers. An ideal measure was found to construct special vessels and ships for the commercial market. With him as the leader they succeeded.
He significantly marked the operation, the form and the life of the shipyard.  At the same time, Milovan Domijan was one of the most successful Trogir yachtsman. He won four times the title of the champion of Yugoslavia in the oldest and the most elegant Olympic class, the class of stars.  At the same competitions he won another silver and a bronze medal. Among the Trogir yachtsman he is still known as a brave and shrewd man.
With his knowledge, experience and personality Mr. Domijan left an indelible trace in Trogir.

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