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Floating Docks

Brodotrogir is an experienced designer and builder of floating docks and as many as 50 floating docks of various size and characteristics have been designed for the buyers all over the world, out of which 17 docks, ranging from 1500 metric tons up to 60,000 metric tons have been built.

One of the biggest floating docks ever built in the world has been built at this shipyard. That is the dock of 60,000 metric tons, which is situated at the port of Novorossiysk. The dock is 311.28 m long over all and is designed for maintenance and repair of large tankers, lash-carriers and ice-breakers of conventional or nuclear propulsion. It is worth to note that this dock was designed to lift and accommodate simultaneously two large nuclear powered icebreakers and is equipped with number of specific devices aimed to facilitate docking and repair works on nuclear powered ships like rain/snow/wind protection etc. Many other floating docks of specific design and innovative solutions have been built by this shipyard.