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Cargo Ships

The vessel and all equipment is suitable for world wide service, for transportation of containers, general cargoes, metal products and pipes, bulk cargoes such as grain and ferrosilicion, heavy cargoes, logs and packed timber, including dangerous classes 4.1, 4,2, 4.3, 5.1, 6.1 and 9, The vesse is equipped and strengthened to navigate under following environmental condition: air temperature from -20°C to +34°C and sea temperature +2°C to +32°C.

Length overall abt. 108.50 m Cargo holds, 100% 10652 m3
Length btw perpendiculars 99.60 m Heavy Fuel Oil 360 m3
Breadth moulded 18.60 m Diesel Fuel Oil 53 m 3
Depth moulded 10.60 m Lubricating Oil 17 m 3
Draught to summer load line (above base line) 8.34 m Fresh Water 89 m 3
Deadweight at summer load line abt. 9,800mt Ballast Water 3702 m3
Trial speed at 2700 kW without shaft generator load Container carriage capacity (TEU)
At draft 6,75 m 13.85 knots In holds 224
At draft 8.34 m 13.60 knots On hatch covers 167
Consumption of HFO for M.E. at 85% load 11.7t/day
Cruising range, speed 12.4 kn (300 kW gen.load, 15% sea m.) abt. 7700 Nm
Crew Complement 12 + Pilot

- WARTSILA, 6L32, 2760 kW at 750 rpm
- Reduction gearbox, SV 850-P530, vertical offset with PTO
- Propeller, four bladed CPP, "WARTSILA pr 108/4H,4000mmdia.

Two generator sets, "WARTSILA-CUM- MINS", KTA 19 G4M, 448 kW at 1500 rpm. One emergency diesel generator, 89 kW at 1500 rpm

PTO generator, 616 kW

One composite - oil fired + ex,gas - "AAL-BORG" AQ16, 7 bar - 2000 kg/h, oil fired section, 800 kg/h ex. section

Folding, hydraulically operated hatch covers, "MCGREGOR":
Hold no. 1 size 12700 x 10400mm
Holds No. 2 & 3 size 25400 x 15000 mm
Two electrically driven deck cranes, "BRISSONNEAU & LOTZ MARINE" 150 kN 5WL with 24 and 30 m outreach
One provision crane "KGW", 10 kN SWL at 8 m
Two el. driven anchor/mooring and two mooring winches, automatic, 80 kN each
One free fall lifeboat "GREBEN" FFL 16
One rescue boat "GREBEN", RB - 4.3/open
Mechanical supply - exhaust ventilation for holds, 6 air changes/h
Coating: Balloxy HB/light beige/light green in W.B. tanks Prismatic E CLASS 1B, CSA + MACH + AUT - MS