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Sales department (shipyard)
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Sales department (shiprepair)
ph. + 385 21 883 - 303
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AHTS power of 6 350 kW

The Vessel is designed for variety of offshore duties and activities such as towing of drilling rigs, anchor handling, supply of rigs with fuel water and other consumables and firefighting. Four main engines concept with four generators provides flexibility for different operation modes. Propulsion system, comprising two main propellers in nozzles and two side thrusters, offers excellent manoeuvrability and easy joystick control under extremely rough weather conditions.


Length over all

66.80 m

Length between perpendiculars

57.00 m

Breadth, moulded

14.60 m

Depth, moulded

7.00 m

Draft, designed

5.00 m

Draft, scantling

5.20 m


Fuel oil tanks

895 m3

Fresh water tanks

360 m3

Drill/ballast water

688 m3

Bulk cement tanks


Chain lockers for rig chains


Stabilising tanks

206 m3

Deck cargo, max

800 m.t

Deck area


Permitted deck loading

5 t/m2


Trial speed at 5,0 m draft and 5880 kW

16,2 knots

Bollard pull, static, at 6350 kW

1020 kN

Cruising range at 80% MCR

abt 9000 Nm

Daily fuel consumption

28,5 t


Lloyd's Register of Shipping +100 A1 +LMC-UMS- Offshore Tug/Supply Ship Firefighting ship 1 with water spray


Two radars, direction finder, satellite navigator, qyro, automatic pilot, magnetic compass, echo sounder, speed log, SSB radio plant, two VHF radiotelephones, portable radio station


- High standard accommodation for 14 crew members, thereof 10 in single cabins and 4 in double berth cabins, each with private toilet room
-12 passengers in two six berth cabins
- Refrigerated chambers totally abt. 20,50 m3
- Two FRP, semi covered motor lifeboats, 26 persons each
- Two inflatable liferafts, 15 persons each


Diesel generator sets: Two, 650 kVA at 1200 rpm each, 3 x 440 V, 60 Hz arranged for parallel operation
Shaft generators: Two, 1300 kVA 1200 rpm each, 3 x 440 V, 60 Hz
Emergency/port diesel generator set: One, 110 kVA, 3 x 440 V, 60 Hz
Boiler: One hot water, oil fired, capacity 96 to 123 kW
Bilge system: One bilge separator, 5 nf/h with pump andalarm unit
Welding/burning equipment: Complete oxy-acetylene cutting and welding equipment and 400 A electric arc welding transformer with 40 m cable length


handling: One hydraulically driven, remotely controlled winch with three drums: - towing drum, 1000 m x 61 mm
- 2 anchor handling drums, 600 m x 54 mm
- 2 chain wheels for 83 mm chain
Pulling force on first layer 1800 kN
Breaking force 2500 kN
Rope reel: One hydraulically driven, split in three parts, each for 1200 m x 64 mm wire
Tugger winches: Two, hydraulically driven 100 kN pulling force each
Stern roller:Diameter 2000 mm
Length 3700 mm
Max shock load 3500 kN
Pennant wire/ chain stopper: One Karm Fork standard type, 5100 kN SWL for chain 4 inch, max and wire 102 mm max., release under load up to 610 kN; remotely controlled from deck and wheelhouse
Towing pins: Two, vertical, hydraulically operated, permitted side thrust 250 kN
Anchor winch: One, hydraulically driven, chain diam. 36 mm,
3 anchors 1920 kg each
Capstans: Two, pulling force abt. 60 kN


Cargo pumps: Two fuel oil pumps, 120 mVh at 8 bar. Two drill (ballast) fire pumps, 120 nf/h at 8 bar. Two portable water pumps, 120 nf/h at 8 bar.
Bulk cement compressors: Two, 14,5 mVh at 5,6 bar each
Deck crane: One, telescopic, electro-hydraulic, 20 kN SWL, outreach 10 m


Firefighting pumps: Two, 1200 nf/h at 14 bar each, el. motor driven
Monitors: Two, 20000 l/min of water or 10000 1/min of foam/water each, hydraulic remote control
Foam pump: One, 65 nf/h at 16 bar
Water spraying - self protection: One pump, 400 nf/h 7,5 bar, three spraying sections, 534 mVh totally


Main engines: Four Pielstick, type 6 PA 6L 280, 1590 kW MCR at 900 rpm each, suitable for burning marine diesel oil
Gear boxes: Two "Citroen-Messian", twin input, single output, speed ratio 1:4,5 with one primary PTOof 1300 kVA at 1200 rpm
Propellers: Two CPP Ni-AI bronze, four blades, diameter 3000 mm, speed 200 rpm, in nozzles
Side thruster: One bow side thruster, Brunvoll type SRP-VP of 550 kW. One stern side thruster, Brunvoll type SRP-VP of 370 kW


Engine room monitoring based entirely on the micro-processor technology and distributed computer system.

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