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Sales department (shipyard)
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Sales department (shiprepair)
ph. + 385 21 883 - 303
fax. + 385 21 883 - 406
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Floating dock of 60 000 m.t. lifting capacity

Very sophisticated and equipped floating dock intended primarily for maintenance and repair works on large tankers, lash-carriers, and icebreakers, either with conventional or nuclear propulsion Capacities of electric energy, steam and air sources as well as crew accommodation capacity, allow independent operation of 15 days, and, a supply of above media to docked ship. Three pontoons configuration offers self-docking possibility.



Length o.a. (including platforms)

311,28 m

Length over pontoons

275,28 m

Distance between pontoons

1,24 m

Length of middle pontoon

183,52 m

Breadth, outside

63,30 m

Breadth, inside

53,30 m

Clear inside breadth


Breadth of each wing wall

5,00 m

Length of end pontoon

44,64 m

Breadth of end pontoon, outside

75,30 m

Breadth of end pontoon, inside

67,30 m

Length of end pontoon wing walls

44,64 m

Total height

22,50 m

Pontoon depth in centreline

6,10 m

Height of keelblocks

1,80 m

Depth of water above keelblocks when submerged

12,00 m

Corresponding freeboard of top deck

2,60 m

Lifting capacity

Lifting capacity at 5,30 m draft

60.000 m.t

Extra ballast water

12.000 m.t.

Lifting time

2,5 h

Tank capacities

Fuel oil boilers total

140m 3

Diesel oil for generators total

86m 3

Lubricating oil total

4 m 3

Boiler feed water total

50m 3

Fresh water total

127m 3

Sewage tanks, total

99 m 3

Tanks for fuel, lub. oil and bilge w. from ship total

810m 3


Cranes: One (1) gantry crane, 2x300 kN, lifting height 62,0 m above keel blocks. Two (2) portal cranes of 100/30 kN at 32,0 m outreach.
Winches: Totally eight (8) captains, 120 kN pulling force at 10 m/min.
Lifts: Four(4) passenger lifts, 1,0 t capacity each
Mechanical workshop: Equipped with usual machines
Welding equipment: Totally 12 connections (500 A each) for direct current welding. Acetylene and oxygen piping with connections
Cleaning and painting eq. Two (2) mobile independent units.
Cleaning of docked hulls by high pressure water jet (500 bar) and by sandblasting, painting by airless spraying, automatic and hand operation. Platform height 2-26 m.
Stores for: Welding equipment, spare parts, deck stores, paint store, e.t.c.


Automatic start of auxiliary diesel generator. Control console in control house. Remote control of ballast pumps and valves from control house with ballast tank's level indication. Trim, heel and deflaction indicators. Indication of ship's boltom-keelblocks contact and indication of transverse distances ship's side - wing walls. One on-line computer for planning and supervision of docking. One VHF radiotelephone, command and call system, automatic telephone exchange .

Classification & Regulations

Dock to be built under supervision of USSR Register of Shipping to obtain class K III PLAVDOK
In addition, other international and national rules and requirements are met as far as applicable to floating dock.


Two continuous main wing walls, three pon- toons. Detachable end pontoons. Longitudinal underdeck girders, transverse frames. Bulkheads in pontoon at 4,96 m spacing. Totally 34 ballast tanks.
Permitted loads of pontoon deck:
- Centreline longitudinal bulkheads: uniform load 2x200 t/m
- Side longitudinal bulkheads: uniform load 200 t/m
-Transv. bulkheads 200 t/m
-Web. frames, at any athwartship position concentrated load 250 t
-Working platforms: 0,7 t/m
-Vehicle load 18 t/shaft, 4 wheels
Painting: bottom sides and ballast tanks 3x125 mcr.d.f.t. coal tar epoxy
Impressed current cathodic protection


Fenders: Two (2) roller type rubber fenders at entrance
Towing-in equipment: Two pulling cars, 160 kN pull each, two retarding cars 140 kN brake each, remotely controlled from control house
Keel & side blocks: Totally 714 pcs, 2500 kN permitted load
Ballast pumps and piping: Totally twelve (12) electrically driven centrifugal pumps 4000 mVh capacity at 0,9 bar each situated in dry pump rooms. Piping and butterfly valves to serve ballast tanks. Hydraulic motors for valve actuators in pump rooms.
Mooring of dock: Totally twelve (12) mooring chains with anchor, 8 transverse and 4 longitudinal, total length abt. 2000 m.


Following is provided: Nine cabins with private sanitary spaces
-for dock crew: One (1) mess room and three (3) day rooms, pantry, provision store, dock's office, drying room, changing rooms, stores e.t.c.
-for workers Three (3) rest rooms and sanitary spaces with changing rooms, male and female
-for docks ship's crew: Sanitary spaces, male and female
All living space air conditioned, sanitary spaces heated and ventilated.


Electric energy source: Four (4) HV transformers to transform shore supply 6000 V to 400 V for dockuse, 3 x 1200 kVA, 1 x 1600 kVA, 1 x 160 kVA.
One (1) auxiliary diesel generator 850 kW with installation possibility for two more units.One (1) emergency d. generator, 100 kVA Steam source: One (1) boiler, 5 t/h of saturated steam, 6 bar pressure
Shore connections for: Electricity, steam, air, oxygen, acetylene and water
Sewage treatment: Separated collection of black and grey waters, six (6) pumps for discharge
Firefighting system: Two (2) el. driven pumps, each 150 mYh at 8,5 bar with piping. One (1) diesel driven of the same capacity.
Portable drainage pumps: Four (4), 300 mYh at 2,0 bar each, submersible, electric driven for complete drainage of ballast tanks
Filling of docked ship tanks:Two (2) pumps, each 1000 mYh at 3,5 bar with ten connections.

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