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Original vessel ex “GUSTAV VASA”, ex “NORRONA”, is built 1974 by Werft Nobiskrug G.m.b.H., - Rendsburg as car passenger ferry and has following main dimensions:

Length overall abt. 132,50 m
Length p.p. 117,00 m
Breadth, moulded 20,80 m
Depth moulded to car deck 7,31 m
Depth moulded to deck 5 12,50 m
Subdivision draught moulded 5,20 m
Deadweight, after conversion 1568 t
After conversion the vessel will carry 492 persons (crew and passengers) and will perform as floating book exhibition certified for unlimited international voyages.

Already at the design stage it was evident that designers and builders are facing to an extraordinary task : insertion of accommodation spaces –such as book storage, hospital, offices and huge book exhibition area – into former garage space in spite of 
numerous contradictions and limitations.
Bridging of gap in continuity of fire zones boundaries has proven to be impossible without involving horizontal steps in way of garage and upper deck. This effected
Extent of insulation work,pipe and cables penetrations, re-organization of fire zones related systems and, especially, routing of new and even existing ventilation /AC ducts so that, in conjunction with extremely low clearance between garage and new deck (2.35m only) a lot of skill has been demonstrated by the Builder in arranging all ducting with required penetrations, dampers etc within confined environment occupied with old and new ship systems.

Conversion has included:
- Removal of hoistable car decks, flooding prevention doors, abt. 90% of all partitions, linings, ceilings, floor covering, furniture and air conditioning system, two life boats, water spraying system, garage ventilation and other redundant pipes, fittings and cables
- Exchange of all corroded steel material with new ones, dry docking with usual overhauling, maintenance and exchange of propellers / shafts, seals, bow thruster, stabilizers, sea chests, shell valves, anchors / chains and zinc anodes with renewal of underwater coating.
- Installation and upgrading of new/existing items of structure /equipment/ systems:
• Insertion of complete new mid-deck within garage space.
• Insertion of main fire bulkheads within garage
• Extension of compass deck aft.
• Installation of two cargo lifts
• Installation of all minor bulkheads in accordance with new arrangement
• Installation of shell doors and side loading doors (totally 6)
• Installation of new portlights and windows
• Modification of mooring equipment
• Upgrading of fire / thermal insulation
• Installation of new partitions, paneling, ceiling, deck covering and wet units in accordance with new arrangement
• Installation of strong steel shelves and bins in book storage space
• Installation of public toilets
• Installation of new fire doors
• Installation of cold and hot water supply to all consumers
• Installation of gray and black waters collecting and discharge systems
• Installation of new chilled water piping
• Relocation of bunkering / discharge stations P & S
• Installation of Hi-fog fire extinguishing system for all cabinc, public and service spaces, including local fire extinguishing in machinery spaces and in galley
• Installation of new emergency generator set to cope with increased demand of high pressure hi-fog pumps
• Installation of new refrigerated store rooms
• Installation of new air handling units, ducting and spiral pipes with fire dampers and exhaust ventilation.
• Installation of new water firefighting system (sprinkler) for accommodation and local fire extinguishing system for engine room 
• Installation of complete electrical power supply system for new consumers, upgrading of main and emergency lighting and TPS system including installation or relocation of cable runs with racks and transits
• Installation of ISPS security lighting, dress lighting, low location lighting
• Installation of new public address system, telephone exchange with extensions, combined general / fire alarm system, fire door control, sprinkler monitoring system
• Installation of some components of bus control system
• Installation of wiring and cabinets for IT Network

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