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Double-screw tug of 2 900 kW

The tug is intended for harbour assistance, moored ship's supply, long distance towing, firefighting and oil recovery. High degree of manoeuvrability is ensured by two 360° is rotative thrusters, each driven by one main engine. An advanced deck equipment, including forward and aft towing winches, towing hook, deck crane, workboat, foam/water monitors etc. will enable diverse and efficient operation.


Length over all:

30,50 m

Length btw perpendiculars

25,40 m

Breadth moulded


Depth moulded, midship

5,40 m

Draft designed, midship

4,05 m

Draft scantling, midship

4,15 m


Deadweight, design draft


Gross tonnage, international below

400 GRT


Fuel oil tanks


Lubricating oil, clean

2,3 m3

Hydraulic oil

5,3 m3

Fresh water tanks

73 m3

Foam tanks

12 nf

Bilge collecting tank

4 m3

Sewage collecting tank

6 m3

Ballast tanks:



Trial speed at 4,5 draft and 2800 kW

12,6 kn

Bollard pull, static, at 2800 kW

520 kN

Cruising range, 80% MCR

2800 Nm


Classification & Regulations
Croatian Register of Shipping: *100 A1*M1-2-AUT1-VT
All regulations of CRS applicable to ship of this size and purpose and international conventions such as SOLAS 74/78/81/83
MARPOL 73/78, ILLC 1996 etc. are met.


Electric generators: Two sets, 140 kVA each, 3 x 400V, 50 Hz, 1500 rpm diesel engine 124 kW
Fuel oil system: One transfer pump - 10mVh at 3 bar, separa-tor supply pump - 880 l/h at 2 bar, electric heater 7 kW, one diesel oil separator, 780 l/h
Lub. oil system: One transfer pump 500 l/h at 2 bar, oil cool-er and circulation pump mounted on each engine
Water cooling system: All pumps and coolers mounted on engines
Compressed starting air: Two electrically driven compressors, 30mVh of free air at 30 bar, two receivers, 350 lit each, one hand compressor with 50 lit receiver
Exhaust gas systems: Piping, silencer/spark arresters separated in two funnels/trunks
Ballast and bilge systems: One ballast/general service pump, 80/33 mVhat 1,8/6 bar One bilge pump, 26 mVh at 2 bar One oily water separator, 0,5 mVh
Firefighting systems: Two main engines driven pumps, 300 mVh at 14 bar each Two remotely controlled monitors for water/foam rated for 4000 l/min of water at 13 bar each, outreach abt 70 m Two foam concentrate pump, 15 mVh at 16 bar
Water spraying nozzles for self protection, fed from main fire pumps Halon 1301 for engine room
Oil recovery systems: One portable oil skimmer, capacity abt 20 mVh of oil viscosity 10 c ST at 38°C, with accessories
Pair of portable booms with dispersion nozzles for chemicals


All welded steel hull with two knuckles, raked stern, rounded transom stern, one deep skeg, four transverse bulkheads, deep double bottom in engine room, two tier deckhouse, funnels with monitors. Recessed anchor pockets, inward inclined strong bulwark, strengthening forward and aft in way of fenders.
Painting systems: chlorinated rubber outside, alkyd inside, epoxy where necessary, average d.f. t200 mi.


Towing winch: One automatic hydraulically driven, drum capacity 250 m x 44 mm dia.
Pulling force on first layer 59 kN, speed 0-24 m/min. Brake load: first layer, 1000 kN. Remote and local control.
Windlass/rope reel: One unit for 24 dia anchor chains with rope reel for 80 m x 96 mm dia synthetic rope. Spooling force 59 kN on first layer, speed 0-24 m/min, controlled remotely and locally.
Capstan: One, electrically driven, 30 kN at 12 m/min.
Towing hook: One, 600 kN SWL. Remote and local quick release.
Miscellaneous: Two retractable rollers 200 mm dia, Two double bollards 600 kN each, three bollards 300 kN each, rubber fenders etc.
Anchors and chains: 3 x 780 kg, chain length 330 m, U2 quality
Deck cranes: One electro-hydraulic telescopic type, 30/15 kN SWL at 4,5/8,5 m outreach.
One console type, hand operated for working boat handling.


Two radars, magnetic compass, speed log, echosounder, VHP radiotelephone.


High standard accommodation for 10 persons, including two single with private toilets and four double berth cabins with common toilet space.
Air conditioning system for all living quarters and wheelhouse.
Galley with provision store, laundry, deck and cabin stores, public toilet etc.
Two inflatable liferafts, 10 persons each.


Main engines: Two "Sulzer" 6PA6 280 diesel engines, 1450kWMCReachat900rpm
Transmission: One inclined shaft with two universal joints and elastic coupling for each engine
Thrusters: Each thruster unit includes hydraulic clutch upper and lower gears, four bladed Ni-AI bronze controllable pitch propeller 2500 mm dia. running in nozzle and hydraulic drive and controls for thruster rotation.


Control and monitoring of main engines, thrusters, towing winches etc. from wheelhouse. Engine room console for control and monitoring of machinery and ship systems.

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