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Newbuilding 326 docking at Viktor Lenac

Newbuilding 326 has left its home port with a rather large group of shipyard workers, and is headed towards the Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Rijeka, where in the following 8-10 days it will undergo corrosion protection of the hull and the removal of eye plates and the fore and aft cradle, as well as of other welded parts which are left from the launching. The tanker will be prepared for speed and fuel consumption measurement, and the built-in equipment will be tested and systems will be handed over to the classification society supervising the shipbuilding.
In order for the docking and works on the tanker to be performed within the planned period, all the necessary preliminary works were already performed at our shipyard. Different equipment has been tested, and systems for navigation from Trogir to Rijeka and back to Trogir have been handed over, as well as those for test navigation after the ship leaves the Rijeka shipyard. According to the plan, test navigation should last for about five days and be performed in the Split local waters immediately after docking. It will include the testing of ship's manoeuvrability, as well as all other necessary measurements and controls. Upon returning to home port, the remaining works will be completed and final tests performed, and then the handover will follow.
Newbuilding 326, as well as its identical predecessor, Newbuilding 325, also known as Songa Fortune, is specialised for the carriage of chemical and oil products, with the deadweight capacity of 49,500 metric tons, the length overall of 184 m and the width of 32.20 m. The tanker was built according to the latest innovative technologies. It is powered by the electronic MAN B&W low-speed engine with the power of 8,000 kW, which reaches the speed of up to 14.5 knots. The installation of this type of engine in combination with a large propeller enables the maximum savings in fuel consumption of up to 25 %.

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