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Meeting of Brodotrogir's veterans held

One of the main objectives of Brodotrogir's Association of Veterans of the Patriotic War founded a year ago, headed by the president Ivica Mustra, is proper and permanent care of, i.e. protection of the veterans' rights, especially by rendering of actual support in settling of problems incurred by the members who gave their invaluable contribution to the homeland in the most difficult period.

There are 400 veterans of the Patriotic War in the Shipyard, including sub-contractors, from whom 80 are members of the Association.

At the annual meeting held recently at Shipyard Trogir, the annual report on activities was presented. Among other things it was stated that the Association got the premises together with required technical aids for their assembling.

Expecting gradual increase membership, including not only employees of the shipyard in Trogir, but also all other veterans from the area of the former municipality of Trogir, Mustra pointed out: "We want to restore our unity we were graced by during the war. Only by our joint efforts we will manage to achieve our goals." He noted successful action Sidro emphasising that it has shown and confirmed the veterans' firmness and unity in the best way.

In addition of their plans regarding increase of the Association's membership by new members, they will engage a professional for the issues of the veterans' rights who will be available on a continuous basis. Membership fee will be introduced soon.

In the end, Mustra expressed gratitude to all who assisted in implementation of Sidro action, especially to the Management Board of Shipyard Trogir that, according to him, in addition to support given to the action, also has been sympathetic for the veterans from the very foundation of Association.

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