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Steel Cutting Starts for Hull 353

Brodotrogir cruise d.o.o., a company which is part of Brodotrogir, contracted the construction of another ship. It is Hull 353, a cruise ship ordered by the domestic company Aria d.o.o. owned by the Tomaš family from Krilo Jesenice.
The ship which, once built, will be 48 m long and 8.5 m wide is intended for summer cruises along the Adriatic coast. It will have 18 luxuriously decorated cabins which will be able to accommodate up to 36 passengers during cruises and will be catered for by 6 crew members.  
The story of this family business began long ago, as early as in the 1930s, when the grandfathers and fathers of the Tomaš family were just starting their maritime trade, with small caiques which they used to transport wine, oil and light cargo, after which they went into the business of excavating sand from the confluence of Cetina. Just as all the previous ones, this work was not simple at all. Notwithstanding hard labour, it was a time of poverty and heavy physical strain, which could be endured in silence only by those with a staunch back, strong hands and will to survive.
Nevertheless, the continuous adaptation, wisdom and diligence of numerous generations ushered this hard-working family into the modern times of tourism, which again required adaptation, from which the family of Jurica Tomaš did not shirk. With his family, his hard-working sons, young and trained workers, high-quality service and ID Riva Tours as business partner, he deftly competes on the global travel market, welcoming guests aboard his ship Aria, and providing them with a unique tourist experience.
This long-lasting, devoted and high-quality work also resulted in the building of the second ship, the steel cutting for which is currently being done in our shipyard. It is bound to be a worthy legacy for the generations to come, who are likely, according to tradition, to sail out on a sea already well-furrowed by their ancestors.

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