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In the past, Trogir was one of the most significant shipbuilding centres of Central Dalmatia. This is where wooden sailing vessels of all known types and sizes were built until the appearance of steam ships. Trogir shipbuilders were always very skilful and highly-esteemed masters and the craft of shipbuilding was passed on from one generation to another.
The oldest Trogir shipyard was mentioned in the period from the 13th to the 14th century, while the Trogir medieval history refers to the shipyard by family Petrić. During the Venetian government from 1420-1797, many shipyards were opened in the city, the largest of which was situated on the mainland in Konacine.

In the 19th century, there were several small shipyards in Trogir. The largest shipyard by Ante Strojan was situated at the site of today’s slipway of the Shipyard Trogir. Besides that, there were a few smaller shipyards owned by the families Košćina, Katalinić, Russo. Trogir shipbuilding greatly flourished precisely in the 19th century.
The new era of shipbuilding in Trogir started after liberating Split and Central Dalmatia by the end of 1944, when the shipyard was transferred from the island of Vis to Trogir. The decision was particularly facilitated by the personnel structure consisting of the existing shipbuilders recruited from Trogir into Vis shipyard, the suitability of the site and the existing well-kept capacities of pre-war shipyards. The shipyard started working for the needs of the navy, dealing exclusively with the renewal of the fleet for the full four years. During that period, several wooden ships, minesweepers, torpedo boats and similar vessels were made.
Modernization and expansion of the shipyard started in 1948. Larger wooden coastal ships and fishing vessels were built, among which there was one tug for the “maritime-construction company”, Split.
Until 1955, 50% of the shipyard capacities was used for repairs, and the other 50% for the construction of wooden ships.

The construction of the first steel ship on the Trogir shipyard slipways dates from 1955. They were two ships for the needs of the local navy, which were launched two years later. This event was also a turning point in contracting and production of the shipyard, which was oriented towards an entirely modern production, following the most contemporary technologies and technical novelties. Launching a 650 DWT steel cargo ship marked the end of Trogir wooden ship production and the start of the new era of steel shipbuilding.
In the same year, a survey vessel was built for the Institute of Oceanography in Split, and during the next two years the shipyard completed a programme of water carriers and minesweepers for the needs of the navy in Split.
The Secretariat of National Economy also ordered two minesweepers from the shipyard, which were delivered in 1958. In the meantime, two 500 GRT rafts-lighters were built for the Danube Lloyd from Sisak, which was followed by the first order from abroad. The buyer was India, and the shipyard Trogir built two patrol boats under the name of SHORADA and SUKANYA for the needs of its Ministry of Defence.
Since then Trogir entered into the global market. The shipyard built various kinds and types of vessels for local and foreign orderers, most often including tankers-barges, patrol ships, dry cargo carriers of 650 to 12850 DWT, tankers-product carriers of 6000 DWT, floating docks with lifting capacity of 1500 – 60000 tsd, ocean-going tugs for towing and salvage operations of 1689 GRT, ferry boats and other ships. Between two constructions, the slipways took ships for reconstruction, modernization, reclassification, docking and various other repairs.

The production programme includes tankers for oil products and chemicals, floating docks, passenger and ro-ro passenger ships, suppliers, tugs, salvage ships and other types of ships.
We are always open and ready for the demands of the global market, as well as local shippers, and we cooperate closely with potential purchasers, taking into consideration their special demands for the purpose of obtaining a quality vessel.

As designers and builders of high-quality vessels for the global market, we continuously strive for improving our production. We are proud of our products – vessels which are constantly at the very top of the world shipbuilding industry, setting an example with their technical characteristics, reliability and low costs in exploitation.

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