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Hull 339 Returns from Docking

For the purposes of its completion, Hull 339, i.e. a tanker for the transport of IMO II chemical and oil products of 45 000 metric tons, was docked for two months in the Viktor Lenac Shipyard in Rijeka. It was placed in two docks, first in Dock 11 and afterwards in Dock 5, for the purposes of the corrosion protection of the lock-in.
Connections and the sea suction were installed in the plating of the ship's underbody and full corrosion protection of the shell plating was carried out. During the required works on the plating, the powerhouse, cargo, ballast and main deck tanks were also equipped.
Upon arrival at its port of registry, the ship was once again moored to the outfitting quay where all the planned works related to equipping will be continued. Installations for all systems will also be mounted, the superstructure will be assembled and the corrosion protection of interior spaces will be carried out.

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