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Sarajevo Students Visit Brodotrogir d.d.

Brodotrogir d.d. was visited today by some forty students of the Metalworking Secondary School in Sarajevo. The visit was a part of their graduating excursion whose subject was closely related to the majority of their school subjects.
The goal of the visit was to acquaint the students with production in the shipbuilding industry, the processing of metal sheets, the building of large ships and their components. Professors believe that first-hand experience is the best method of supplementing the theoretical knowledge acquired in class.  
Students had the opportunity of familiarising themselves at first hand with ship construction phases, from metal sheets to the joining sections and the building of a ship. Apart from the shipbuilding, the hosts also showed the students the available docks, the travel lifts and the ships currently in overhaul.
For the students, this was the first time they'd encountered this type of production.

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