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Hull 339 Towed In for Docking in Rijeka's Viktor Lenac Shipyard

Hull 339, a tanker for the transport of IMO II chemical and oil products of 45 000 metric tons whose completion has been contracted with our shipyard, was towed in for docking in the Rijeka Viktor Lenac Shipyard, where  works required for the continuation of its construction will be performed over the course of the next twenty days. Works to be performed in the dock primarily refer to the corrosion protection of the outer, underwater and above-water part of the hull, i.e. the cleaning and painting of the plating with the replacement of the zinc anodes and the installation of connections on the shell plating.
After docking, when the ship returns to its port of registry, other activities related to equipping will continue, the installations for all systems will be mounted along with all the tanks, the superstructure will be assembled and the corrosion protection of interior spaces will be carried out.
The contract on ship outfitting was signed with the company Viterlef Management Limited, and this is the second tanker from the series, as the first was already delivered in November 2017. Just as the one before it, this tanker was partially built and equipped in the JSCo "PO 'SEVMASH'" shipyard in the north of the Russian Federation in the Arkhangelsk province.

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