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Lecture in Brodotrogir: Health or Sickness – Is It Our Own Choice?

A lecture under the title of Health or Sickness – Is It Our Own Choice? was held in Brodotrogir's Technical Library, and it was aimed at raising awareness about a healthy way of living and explaining the consequences of the disruption of natural processes in the organism. During the one-hour lecture, Maja Župančić, a nutritionist and instructor of the detox programme at the Medena hotel, and Ivan Vladić, MD, abdominal surgeon from the Merkur hospital in Zagreb who does research in the field of complementary and integrative medicine and natural nutrition, gave expert advice to the audience on using food from nature, keeping the body in balance and restoring it when it is lost.

Jasenka Sabjan, who has recently completed the detox cure at the Medena hotel under Maja's supervision, confirmed that nutritive methods really are efficient. She presented to her colleagues from Brodotrogir her own experiences and impressions and pointed out the positive developments regarding her general medical condition which she felt after the treatment.

During the lecture on a healthy diet and the bad consequences of an unhealthy one, the lecturers have incited interest in the audience and a very lively discussion took place. Many wanted to get answers to their questions about their everyday diets, the purpose of a natural cleansing of the body and restoring the balance between the mind and the body. Many questions were cleared up, but there is still a lot to learn and try since, as our lecturers said, the detox programme is useful to everyone and anyone who wants to act preventively and preserve their health, as well as to those already suffering from health problems.

The detox programme is held once a month in the Medena hotel. All those who want to try it will learn how to use a healthy diet and plenty of movement to cleanse the body of toxins and how to keep it energised and healthy for a long time in the simplest way.

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