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Trogir - Finnish icebreaker started the eighteen-day long tour to Helsinki

With 167 m long fore section, with lifting capacity of 44.000 metric tons, the giant which, while on the slipway, dominated the entire town of Trogir, has now been loaded on a heavy cargo carrier and started its eighteen-day long tour.
Nine days ago, this giant slid from the Trogir slipway bowfirst for the first time. "These are three steps forward, three novelties for Brodotrogir. This is the first time we built an icebreaker. The first time we welded very thick high-strength metal sheets. The first time we launched a ship bowfirst", said on the occasion dr. Danko Končar, the owner of Brodotrogir.
The construction of this ship was very demanding, as testified by the fact that this was the first ship of this purpose in the world. The complexity refers to technical characteristics necessary to fulfil the requirements of ARC 7 ice class, that is, the carriage of cargo and the navigation in harshest polar conditions. The difference in construction as compared to the other classes of ships concerns the use and installation of sturdier and thicker material, especially in the bow section of the hull which, because of the ice and low temperatures of up to - 50 °C, had to be built according to special requirements and by using special technologies.
In navigation, along all coasts and seas, this unusual symbiosis of a heavy lifter and fore section will certainly attract views and questions, as was the case in recent days while they were moored in the Saldun bay. Upon arrival to Finland and after connecting with the stern section, the overall length of the arctic tanker will be about 230 meters.
The fore section of the condensate carrier, the icebreaker of ARC 7 ice class, was built by the Croatian Shipbuilding Corporation Trogir for the Arctech Helsinki Shipyard (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation).

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