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Docks Occupied by a Catamaran, a Yacht and a Repair Ship

Several ships for various purposes, namely, the Apollo yacht, the HSC Krilo catamaran and the Plovput repair ship are currently being serviced in the docks.
Works performed on all three ships include the corrosion protection of the underwater part of the hull, that is, the cleaning, washing and painting of the hull, which will also be equipped with new zinc anodes, while, in addition, works to be performed on the Plovput repair ship will include the painting of the above-water part of the hull and the inspection and servicing of the underwater valves, the line shaft, the rudder and the bow ramp.
The Plovput repair ship is 48 m long and 11 m wide. It is designed for the construction and maintenance of the existing maritime signalling structures, and considering its technical characteristics, also for the construction of the most complex hydrographic objects. It is equipped with tanks for the transport of drinking water with a water pump for a height of more than 130 m, a bow ramp for accessing trucks with material, an automatic concrete plant, an automated scale for dosing construction material, a shiphoist etc.
After the ultrasonic measurement of sheet metal thickness on the HSC Krilo catamaran, minor works on its aluminium hull and the measurement of bearing clearance will be performed.
The Apollo yacht has been placed in the small Dock 4 and is undergoing inspection for the purpose of renewing its five-year class certificate, which includes the disassembly, inspection and assembly of the shaft and propeller shaft. The overhaul will include the inspection and servicing of underwater and plating valves and the opening and cleaning of grey water and black water tanks.
The Apollo yacht was built in 2013 in the Dutch shipyard Amels and designed by Tim Heywood Design. It is 54 m long, 9 m wide and has a draught of 3.35 m. Its six luxuriously decorated cabins can accommodate 12 passengers who are catered to by the same number of crew members.
Depending on the inspection and the required works, the ships will be in overhaul for approximately two weeks.

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