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Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir Military Vessel Leaves Port after repair, Soon to be Joined by the Biokovo Ferry and the Bluemar II Yacht

After repair, the Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir military vessel left our overhaul base and sailed towards new missions awaiting him at sea.
The Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir missile boat (RTOP-12) is 54.24 m long, 8.66 m wide and has a draught of 2.90 m. It is powered by three diesel engines with 5000 HP each, which can reach the maximum speed of up to 37.8 knots, i.e. 32 and 34 knots respectively, in optimal conditions, during which they spend 2500 l of fuel per hour. The primary weapons on board the ship are eight RB-15B antiship rockets. The ship's bow contains a Bofors 57 mm cannon designed for shooting targets on the surface and in the air, while its stern contains an AK 630 cannon designed for antiaircraft and antimissile defence. The crew consists of 34 members, i.e. 6 officers, 20 non-commissioned officers and 8 seamen.
Works carried out on the ship included the corrosion protection of the hull and valve and zinc anode replacement.
Currently moored to the outfitting quay is the Biokovo ferry owned by our national shipping company Jadrolinija. Its main and auxiliary engines and the generator are being inspected, and electrical works are also in progress on board it. Upon completion of these works, the ferry will be transferred to the big Dock 15, for corrosion protection of the underwater and above-water part of the hull, along with the replacement of the zinc anodes and, where necessary, of the underwater valves.
The Biokovo ferry connects the mid-Dalmatian islands with the mainland and usually sails on the Split-Supetar and Split-Rogač routes. Its length overall is 87.60 m, its width is 17.50 m and its draught is 2.40 m.  It can transport 1200 passengers and 138 cars at once. The ship has an air-conditioned lounge which can accommodate 800 passengers and it is also equipped with hydraulic boarding ramps, as well as a passenger escalator.
The small Dock 4 accommodates the Bluemar II yacht, 39 m long, 8 m wide and with a draught of 3.40 m. Its four cabins can accommodate eight passengers, which are catered to by seven crewmembers. During the summer months, it cruises the Adriatic and during winter, it stays in berth in one of the Adriatic marinas.
Every year, almost at the same time, the Bluemar II sails into one of our docks, for regular servicing and maintenance. This year the ship's main engine and generator will be serviced, the underwater valves will be replaced and the gray water tanks will be cleaned.

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