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Students of the Technical School in Šibenik Visit Brodotrogir

About fifty future marine engineering technicians, students of the 2nd and 3rd grade of the Šibenik Technical School, accompanied by their professors, visited Brodotrogir with the aim of getting better acquainted with the ships, that is to say, with the construction processes and servicing activities, all as part of their curriculum related to marine engineering and structures, ship stability, main engines etc.
Professor Torić initiated such educational visits to Brodotrogir and this is the eleventh consecutive year that he has organised them for his students, for the purpose of familiarizing them, with the help of the hosts, with their future profession, in particular those students who have never been to a shipyard or seen an actual-size ship on the slipway.
"The kids love taking these tours because they have nowhere to see a ship on the slipway, the steel from which it is built or the workers working on it. They learn more during a single visit to the shipyard than they do in one month in school.“– says professor Torić.
According to him, after secondary school, some students will go on to faculties, usually taking up maritime studies, while others will go straight to work. However, in order to enter the adult world and start earning a salary, they will have to complete their apprenticeship on board a ship. According to the opinion of the professors attending the visit, this presents a problem, since few companies and ships, in particular domestic ones, are capable of responding to the students' inquiries or meeting their needs. In order to reduce the pressure on the shipping companies and ships, while still enabling the students to obtain the required knowledge and skills, the professional circles proposed that the students spend half a year on board a ship in deep sea shipping, and half a year on land, for example in a marina, so that they adapt to the maritime environment as quickly and successfully as possible.

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