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Kermas Energija interested in restructuring and diversification of Uljanik

Kermas Energija d.o.o. sent a letter of intent to the Uljanik group for participation in the restructuring and diversification of the Uljanik shipyard.
The Uljanik group shipbuilding is perceived as a part of the integration of shipbuilding segments of the Uljanik group, Brodotrogir (HBT) and one or more European shipyards. It is believed that in this way it will be easier to acquire high-quality contracts for the construction of highly sophisticated ships and that the use of synergistic effects will achieve results which will ensure long-term sustainability of the whole integration system.
Kermas Energija has experience in the process of restructuring and diversification of companies, as proved on the example of Brodotrogir.
Brodotrogir had a more complex restructuring programme as compared to the other shipyards, as it was based on improvement of the core business and the development of new ones, so that for the past two and a half years there have been no grants, it had a very big investment obligation and very few grants in comparison to the other shipyards.
In the part referring to the development of new activities, primarily tourism and nautical tourism, former experiences give us the right to say that we know what to do and how to do it.
Mostly, it concerns long-term projects. We have a vision of how to lead it all in the right direction and how to finalize it in the long-term, with persistent work.
If and when it comes to realisation of the strategic partnership, we will timely inform the public about concrete plans.

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