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Good Cooperation of Finnish and Trogir Shipyard Supported by Croatian President and President of the Russian Federation

The good cooperation between the Artech Helsinki and Brodotrogir shipyards opens up new possibilities, all for the purpose of gaining the largest possible share of the international shipbuilding market.
The cooperation was cited as a good example by the president of the Russian Federation Mr Putin, during the visit of the Croatian president Ms Kolinda Grabar Kitarović to the Russian Federation.
It all started in July 2016 with a contract for the building of the fore of a condensate carrier ship, ice class ARC 7 icebreaker with a load-bearing capacity of 44,000 metric tons. The arctic tanker fore will be 167 m long, while the overall length of the ship after its assembly in Finland will be 220 meters.
For the employees of the Trogir shipyard, the project of the arctic tanker – icebreaker, which has to operate at temperatures as low as -50°C, represents a big challenge in terms of construction solutions, materials selection, welding technology and welded joints construction. For the first time in the shipyard, very thick high-strength metal sheets have to be welded. These materials have not been used in Croatia so far, at least not to this extent.
The tanker will not require the escort of a special icebreaker, since it will be able to navigate through ice up to 2.5 metres thick and will sail 365 days of the year, which is why it will be equipped with a special built-in winterization system.
The regulations and conditions for the approval of this cargo vessel type, for operation at extremely low temperatures, are devised exclusively by the Russian register, and thus the ship is being built under the dual class of Bureau Veritas and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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